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Future plans

1. LNG & alternative fuels

We played an important part in pioneering projects with LNG as fuel, with our technical team working on the world’s first dual-fuel marine engines.

This project led us to continued cooperation with experts in liquefied gas systems, closely following the advances in use of methanol and other gases.

2. Clean ship & clean earth

Living in the period of green transition, we are more often utilizing the technologies of next generation (such as battery hybrid vessels, liquefied CO2 carriers, wind propulsion etc.) all striving to reach the environmental goals for sustainable shipping.

3. Cruise & luxury vessels

We support the national strategy for big cruise vessel projects introduction to Chinese market, and play our part by improving the technical exchange between East and West.

Currently there’s high demand for European cruise professionals in China.

4. Research & development

More autonomous vessel designs are to be expected each year, as China will likely lead the market into the new age of shipping. We are following the trends and acquiring new knowledge, in order to stay on top of the game.